Ideas For Hanging Your Chandelier Like A Pro


Chandeliers gloriously transform a room by adding sheer exuberance to it. The Yiosi crystal chandelier can be installed in the kitchen, the living room, the dining area, bedrooms and other areas of the house too. We have put together inspirational ideas to help you to brilliantly make a statement in different rooms.

How to spice up the décor in different rooms using chandeliers

Let us have a look at different rooms in which a chandelier can be installed and how to go about it:

  • The Entryway

Having chandeliers in the entryway is a very unique way of making a grand statement. This is the first place guests go through before they’re all the way inside the house. Leverage the tall ceilings by installing a large crystal chandelier that sparkles.

When guests come in, they will already have high expectations even before they’re past the entryway.

  • The Living Room

For the living room, consider subtle chandeliers that still serve a decorative purpose. The piece doesn’t need to be all glamorous; a simple piece still does the job at adding glitz to the ceiling.

  • The Kitchen

You can choose a playful sculptural chandelier for the kitchen. Such a chandelier will keep the kitchen well lit for clear views. If your kitchen is spacious enough, you could have a pair of similar chandeliers installed to improve the impact.

  • The Dining Room

The dining room wouldn’t really be considered complete if there’s no chandelier in it. Find a true conversion piece with playful designs to make your meal times great.

  • The Bedroom

Find a fabulous fixture that will match the “master suite” status of your bedroom. If the ceiling is high, get a huge piece that adds panache and at the same time makes the room feel intimate.

If there’s them going on in the bedroom, ensure that the chandelier flows with it. Also, ensure that the chandelier has a dimmer so that it’s easier to set a mood that makes it easy for you to fall asleep.

  • The Guest Room

It doesn’t matter how small the guest bedroom is, you can still fit a chandelier in there. The chandelier will make space look more thoughtful and interesting.

  • The Bathroom

Looking to turn up the luxe factor in your bathroom a notch higher? Then you can never go wrong with a show-stopping chandelier. One that has multilayered pieces of crystals hanging over the tub will make your baths something to look forward to.

Benefits Of A Crystal Chandelier LED Bulbs And How To Choose Them

Choosing the right LED bulbs for your chandeliers can be overwhelming. Not only are these bulbs long-lasting and energy-conserving but they are also compatible with different chandelier designs. Even though LED compatible crystal chandeliers are expensive to buy, with time you save up a lot more money on your electricity bill.

Using high-quality LED bulbs makes your chandeliers to pop.

Choosing the right LED Bulb for your chandelier

The type of bulb you use with your chandeliers affects the overall atmosphere in the room. For you to achieve the desired ambiance, you need to make sure that you choose the right bulb for the fixture in terms of both the function and the form.

Other factors that you need to consider are the space available, the amount of lighting you need. When you choose the right bulb it’ll save you a lot of time and money.


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