Brilliant Ideas to Protect Your Solar Powered Streetlight Equipment


It is unfortunate that there are people with the behavior of stealing solar streetlights equipment along footpaths and feeder roads. But, this is not a common occurrence, especially in protected neighborhoods. Thankfully, there are preventive measures that minimize the risk of this happening. Implementing these measures will save you the trouble of spending extra cash to purchase solar powered streetlight for replacement purposes. Below are guidelines on how to protect your solar powered streetlights design equipment from being stolen.

  1. Install on High Poles

While selecting the right solar-powered streetlight, make sure the poles are at a minimum height of 10 feet or higher. High raised solar streetlights are not so easy to vandalize or steal. With a proper installation height, stealing becomes a thing of the past. With such height, a ladder will be required to get to the bracketry and the bolts which hold the systems together in one place. Therefore, high poles keep your solar powered streetlights design equipment safe.

  1. Use Vandal Hardware

If the system is positioned very low on the pole, vandal hardware will make it almost impossible to break and steal the solar street lights. It makes it difficult for the entire system to be taken apart in the field within a short time. Avoid losing the key to the case in case you want to remove or replace the system.

  1. Full Metal Block

Your solar streetlight system is exposed to all types of harm if you are living in an area prone to vandalism. To avoid losing your system, protect it with a full protective metal panel pan. The metal block will prevent the system from any possible vandalism activity. The metal block also protects the system from windblown debris during bad weather or a storm.

  1. Set up a Fence

Setting up a barbed wire or electric fence is recommended because it is haste for thieves. The fence should be high enough or at least heavy duty to keep people off from your garden or backyard. Avoid setting up short or easy to bend fence because it is not enough to turn away thieves.

  1. Install Security Cameras or Alarms

A security alarm is a more high tech solution to protect your solar powered streetlight from theft. If you are paranoid about streetlight theft, installing alarms and cameras is enough to guarantee safety to your systems. Install guard dog burglar alarms which scare away thieves but also notify you when the system is being tampered with.

  1. Install Security Lights for Your Solar Streetlights

As much as the idea of installing security lights around your solar streetlights may sound redundant, it actually keeps the systems safe and is a great way to secure expensive systems. Once somebody wanders around your garden, the streetlights will go on automatically, and this will scare them off.


Other techniques to keep thieves away from your solar streetlight equipment is by setting the poles into concrete, using tamper-proof hardware and coating the streetlight pole with Vaseline or any other slippery substance. This might not be the best or the smartest solution, but it prevents thieves from vandalizing the streetlights. As long as you apply either of the above measures, you will sleep in peace knowing your solar rechargeable street lights are safe.




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