Strategies For Selecting TFT Display Suppliers

tft lcd module with touch screen

At times, you may end up struggling to find the right display for your project. In this article, the main focus will be on the factors that you should consider when looking for a TFT display. Well, if you are struggling to find a TFT display, you should first understand that they are of different types. Each display is designed for a specific application. There are two types of TFT displays, namely; multi-domain vertical alignment and twisted nematic TFT display. We will also learn more about the effect of the brightness enhancing films. According to STONE Technologies, here are methods to use in searching for a TFT display supplier.

TFT Display Basics

TFTs are made up of semiconductors as well as silicon. There are also metallic and dielectric layers. These materials are commonly used as displays since they can project images clearly. In simple terms, the TFT displays are made up of several layers of white LEDs. When choosing a TFT display, you should consider the viewing and brightness angles. The brightness can also be determined in different ways that should affect the success of the project. Nevertheless, the structure of the polarizing glass plays a vital role in how the electrode layers will be affected by the voltage. 

Twisted Nematic Displays

The Twisted Nematic displays are the most commonly used TFT displays. The main difference is that they usually have “twisted” electrode layers that are made up of liquid crystals. When the voltage has been applied, the electrode layer is twisted, and the pixels can be turned on and off. When the voltage changes, the amount of “twist” is the crystals will also change. The “twist” amount usually determines the amount of polarized light that will be allowed through the display. 

The Applications of the Twisted Nematic Display

The Twisted Nematic display is excellent. Nevertheless, it has some limitations when it comes to viewing angles and color reproductions. The display cannot be used well in an outdoor area. Some of these limitations are not present in different devices, such as smartphones.

Multi-Domain Vertical Alignment Displays

These displays are a subset of the vertical alignment displays. The glass layer and the liquid crystals are vertically aligned, and when the voltage is applied, they will move in a perpendicular state. The TFT display has better viewing angles since it can throw light in different directions easily. 

The Applications of the Multi-Domain Vertical Alignment Display

MVA TFT display has a better viewing angle, and it is suited for applications whereby the screen may need extensive interaction. The TFT display is not as bright, and that means it is suited for indoor use. Some of these displays can benefit significantly from the presence of different viewing angles. 


Off-the-shelf displays are preferable as compared to the custom displays when you consider factors such as the price. The manufacturers have also focused on producing multiple TFT display types; this is because the TFT displays have different applications. When looking for a TFT display, you should consider the applications first. We have looked into two types of TFT displays, and they are suitable for indoor use. You can acquire any of the two models for indoor use.


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