NovaPro HD All-in-1 Video Processor


What is a NovaPro HD All-in-1 video processor and how does it work?

A video processer is a chip installed in a display device to convert video signals from a particular source signal (input) to a fixed pixel resolution display (output). There are three main video processor categories; single input multiple displays, multiple outputs single display, and multiple inputs multiple displays. The NovaPro All-in -1 video processor is a chip installed in NovaPro LED display devices providing quality image resolution.

 Picture quality has evolved over the years with HD quality increasing over time. On the other hand, video processor technology has been left behind with video processors in the market not able to provide the same quality of image as the original source crating blurred images. NovaPro HD All-in-one video processor is an advanced high performance processor with the ability to optimize the resolution improving image quality and ability to switch between signals at a go while retaining the details, nuances and intent of the original data source.

NovaPro All-in-one Video processor features include:-

  • Inputs compatible with HDMI, CVBS, VGA, SDI, DP, and DVI.
  • Output bandwidth 4GB. One can achieve a greyscale depth of up to 12bits with HDMI.
  • It has an input resolution of 1080p@60Hz and a pixel of up to 165MHz. 
  • Inputs can be adjusted to fit the display resolution. Each input has contrast, hue, brightness, RGB, and saturation configurations. 
  • Touch track technology that uses one wheel- one-button system which eliminates the need for a computer software to configure the system.
  • Remote configuration. One can use a PC with Windows, Mac, or Linux OS. IPad or smartphone is also compatible. 
  • NovaPro HD All-in-one video processor has a GenLock and DMX512 interface that provides professional control and synchronization. 
  • Optical fiber outputs that enable quality long-distance data transmission in real time.
  • Friendly user interface. Easy to use and advanced processing power that caters for high definition images without distorting the original image from the source.

NovaPro All-in-one Video Processor Technical Specifications

  • Video Inputs: VGA, HDMI, CVBS, 3G-SDI, and HDMI.
  • Control: DMX, Ethernet, and USB
  • Loading Capacity: of up to 2.3million pixels, a maximum pixel 165MHz
  • Outputs: optic fiber ( 4xRJ45Ethercon) 
  • Video Loop: SDI, GenLock, and DVI. 
  • Video Monitor output: DVI, HDMI
  • Communication: USB/LAN 
  • Crop Settings: Supported
  • PIP( Picture-In-Picture): Support
  • Input Power: AC85 -265AC
  • Dimensions: 19″x 15.3″x3.5″
  • Certifications : Up to standards with CE,FCC,UL, EAC and CE certifications

NovaStar NovaPro HD All-in-1 video processor meets all the broadcasting requirements. A video processor plays a very significant role in picture quality making it a go-to video processor for its unmatched abilities to fast track and process data from multiple sources while still maintaining image quality. The video processor comes together with the NovaPro Professional LED display. NovaPro HD All-in-1 HD video processor is a product of new generation powerful processing and control technology. The All-In-One LED Video processor and controller provides for suitable, convenient and reliable device to perform multiple tasks.


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