Top 8 Oil Rig Tools and Equipment Used in Oil Drilling Process


The Earth’s crust spews a valuable resource, crude oil, that the world economy is largely dependent on. Advanced drilling rig tools and equipment are required to conduct this rigorous and highly complex process of oil extraction.

All these tools and equipment play a major role in various processes of oil drilling. They not only make the process efficient but reduce the risk of wastage, accidents, and cost.

This article highlights the 8 utterly important tools used in the oil drilling process. These include Derick, Crown Block, Drawworks, Shale Shakers, Blowout Preventer, Sand Pumps, Stabbing Guides, and Mud Cleaners. Keep reading to learn the details.

Exploring the Top 8 Oil Rig Tools and Equipment in Oil Drilling Process

The following tools are considered the top tools and equipment in securing liquid gold aka crude oil.


From offshore to onshore, one of the most important pieces of equipment called Derick is a tall, pyramidal, tower-like structure used to support drilling equipment in an oil well. Made of steel, it’s mounted above the wellbore.

It is used to raise and lower the drill pipe besides supporting the drilling rig. Derricks can be both fixed and mounted, with the prior fixed above the wellbore and the later movable from site to site.

Crown Block

The stationary pulley system at the top of Derick is called Crown Block. It is a pulley responsible for raising and lowering the drill pipe. A number of sheaves and pulleys establish the Crown Block which is threaded to the drill line.

The drill line is further attached to the movable pulley system, traveling block, suspended from the crown block. Besides performing the main function of raising and lowering the drill pipe, the crown Block also works as a safety feature as it helps prevent the drill pipe from falling and causing injuries.


The large hoisting machine on a rotatory oil rig, used to raise and lower the drill pipe is called Drawworks. Powered by an electric motor or a diesel engine, Draworkss is capable of hoisting the drill pipe with zeal and force.

Drawworks are made of a large spool or drum, wound with the drill line. As the engine or motor turns on, the drum turns, and the drill line either wound or unwound, thus raising or lowering the drill pipe.

Shale Shakers

Typically located on the rig floor, near the mud pits, Shale Shakers are another essential part of the oil rig assembly. They remove solids from the crude fluid. A shale shaker is a vibrating screen that separates the solids from fluids and pumps the fluid back into the well for reuse.

The collected solids collected by the collection hopper are disposed of by the discharge valve.

Blowout Preventer (BOP)

A blowout preventer or BOP is a specialized tool or a mechanical device intended for sealing, controlling, and monitoring oil and gas wells. It is performed for the sake of preventing blowouts and uncontrolled release of gas or crude oil from the well.

Theory can be activated both manually and automatically and is installed on the well top to prevent the above-mentioned accidents.

Sand Pumps

As the name indicates, sand pumps are specialized equipment used to remove sand from deposits. Since oil is extracted from the earth’s crust, sand deposits are mandatory to show up.

These pumps with grooved discs are placed in oil where the disks rotate around the tank’s central axis and thus remove the sand particles.

Stabbing Guides

Stabbing guides prevent pipes from corrosion and heavy impacts. Also, they are used to align two separate sections of drill pipe or manage other misalignments which can slow down the drilling process.

Stabbing guides ensure damage-free and accurate connections.

Mud Cleaners

Mud Cleaners are specialized cleaners intended to keep the fluid clean and thus ensure a smooth drilling operation. These cleaners have meshes with tiny holes which filter the thick mud which is responsible for slowing down the machinery and thus causing downtime.

Wrapping Up

Oil extraction is a highly advanced and laborious process. It therefore always requires specialized tools and equipment for efficient running and maximum output. This article has lined up the top 8 oil rig tools and equipment that make the driving process efficient and less time-consuming.


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