Popular 6 Types Of Server Racks


Server rack cabinets have become prominent in the world of technology. Whether they are used in data centers or offices, they are pretty easy to find. As an individual who has worked with these devices may know, various server racks have different functionalities. Therefore, there’s a variation in these servers and their racks. Here are the top six types of server racks, including how commonly they are used. 

  • Post Server Racks 

This is one of the most prominent server racks. It has a 4-post track open frame. These are usually easily assembled. Other than that, their simple width frame is excellent for rack mounting any type of equipment. This implies that you shouldn’t worry about people who may poke around where they aren’t supposed to.  Besides, the posted rack offers easy access to the cabling and equipment.

Server Racks
  • Post Relay Racks

The post relay rack has been in existence for more than three decades. It was first used in the 20th century in the telecommunication sector. It was also used in railroad signaling. With the small footprint, the device has, the 2-post relay rack is currently an excellent option for tight spaces in the data center. The rack allows center configuration for the equipment you have.

  • Air Conditioned Server Cabinets

High-profile firms are currently turning off their air conditioning, thereby leaving the electronic equipment vulnerable to heat. If you’re keen on the temperature gauge in your office, you’ll find it useful to install air-conditioned server cabinets. Such cabinets play a role in keeping sensitive electronics cool as well as safe regardless of their environment.

  • Portable Server Racks

For your small applications, the portable server rack and cabinet is a great option. If you need to travel, you can carry it along. Not only is it lightweight, but the mini server is designed to fit under your desks. It can also fit on the counter as well as a work station. This is a useful feature in cases where you don’t have sufficient space to store the server.

  • Seismic Server Racks 

A seismic server rack is designed to withstand any form of shock from earthquakes. The rack is designed to make sure that your device remains operational during the seismic events. Other than that, the rack is cemented to the floor to prevent tipping.

Server Racks
  • Colocation Server Cabinets 

Colocation servers are currently a growing trend in the tech world. They are also known as collocation centers. These servers and cabinets are known to provide equipment, space, in addition to bandwidth. When sharing a cabinet with a friend or neighbor, you should protect your data. As such, the colocation server cabinet becomes useful in such cases.

Server Racks

Conclusion The server rack isn’t flexible or scalable. Therefore, it’s essential to plan for various server rack sizes while taking into consideration the dimension as well as shape. In this article, you can easily select your preferred option.


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