What Do I Need To Know About LED Lights?

LED Lights

Indeed, the lighting industry has tremendously changed over recent years. The introduction of the LED lights to the market was one of the most significant improvements. However, for you to get the best buy light bulbs, you need to learn more about the LED lights. In this article, a lot of information you need to know about LEDs will be discussed.

  • What is LED lighting

Light Emitting Diode (LED), refers to semiconductor devices that emit visible light on being connected to an electric current. LED bulbs contain a diode, which is an electrical component that comprises two electrodes, a cathode, and an anode. The wires in question allow electricity flow to take place in one direction. The electric current uses the anode to get in, and cathode to get out.

  • How LED works

Most individuals are not aware of how LED lights work. The electrical current goes through a microchip, making it illuminate some tiny light sources, LEDs, which produces some visible light as a result. The heat generated by LEDs is absorbed and stored in a heat sink, to prevent performance malfunction.

 LED Lights
  • LED types

In understanding LED lights fully, you need to learn about the two main LED types, surface mount, and 5mm through-hole. Surface mount LEDs refer to diodes that can be placed on a substrate, and a silicon dome put over it for protection. The 5mm LEDs, on the other hand, are diodes placed in a lens with a 5mm diameter and have two metal legs protruding at the bottom. The two types are applied in different fields depending on the amount of lighting required.

  • LED brightness

Arguably, you may be wondering why are LED lights better. However, having a high intensity than other sources is one of the features that make them most preferred. The illumination on an LED light depends on the amount of current supplied. However, various LEDs have different current ratings, thus giving the consumers a variety of choices.

  • LEDs and Heat

If you want to learn about led lighting, you need to know why they don’t produce much heat as the traditional ones. In the LED lights, there is a heat sink that absorbs the heat and makes it disappear to the surrounding. Consequently, it prevents the bulb in question from overheating, which can lead to it burning out.

  • Powering LEDs
LED Light

Different LEDs require different amounts of power depending on their forward voltage. If there are multiple LEDs connected in a series, you need to combine the forward voltages of all the LEDs in a string. The efficiency of a light is measured by the ability of a light source to produce visible light. For instance, high power LED 3w can provide relatively visible light, thus making it efficient.

In conclusion,

Arguably, LEDs are the best buy light bulbs due to various marvelous features. However, there is a lot of information you need to know about them for you to understand how they work. You should know what LEDs are, how they work, their main types and brightness, about the heat produced, and how they are powered.


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