3 Myths about Choosing a Contract Manufacturer

Contract Manufacturer
Contract Manufacturer

For many startup companies or smaller businesses Contract manufacturing can be great, as contract manufacturing often allows these companies to experiment with different product variations in different markets without having heavy production costs that is involved with a local manufacturing facility. Other than that, the established companies, can increase their production of successful products and easily expand to meet new customer demands without experiencing additional costs and overhead.

Hiring a good manufacturer like Inno manufacturing is critically important, and there are several methods to go about the selection of one. Mentioned below are some of the main myths that people have when choosing a professional contract manufacturer, and the truth behind them and what is actually the best direction to proceed in.

Contract Manufacturer
Contract Manufacturer

Myth#1: The cheapest quote is the go-to Contract Manufacturer

Firstly, cheap is the best – this is one of the one of the main myths when working with a contract manufacturer. Some quotes can arguably be fantastically appealing, but if you want high-quality industrial equipment or aerospace parts, you cannot afford to choose simply by the quote that you are provided by the professional company in question.

The reason for this is quite obvious, and that is that although the price may not always indicate the quality or lack of quality, low prices tend to convey that there is a compromise being made somewhere along the way. This often shows up in lack of accuracy, poor quality materials, failure to meet deadlines or other significant aspects that may have a negative impact on your project.

Therefore, when looking for an industrial equipment manufacturer or a contract manufacturer, it is a wise idea to not only look at the price but also take into account some other aspects as well.

These can include the degree of accuracy that they are able to deliver, the type of technology that they use, the number of years’ experience they have and also the standard of tooling equipment that they have on their premises.

Myth#2:  Act like a partner – High-quality service at a low price

Contract Manufacturer
Contract Manufacturer

The second myth about hiring contract manufacturer is that the manufacturer should act as a partner in the business. Many people take this to mean that the contract manufacturer should be willing to deliver exceptional services for a very low price, and the contract manufacturer is solely committed to the development of that particular client.

Although it is important that the company itself is dedicated to delivering a high quality of service and products, one should not forget that the manufacturer itself has its own interest to look after. Therefore, it is not reasonable to expect a very low prices, utter commitment to your company alone.

Instead, it is important to remember that the company also has to make a profit for themselves, and that’s the reason you may not always be the outmost priority for them.

However, this ‘not very close’ approach can be advantageous, as it stops companies from passing the bucking the case of a failure. Instead, they will be more inclined to uphold their part of the deal, communicating frequently and doing their part to bring the project to conclusion.

Although manufacturers like Inno may still be absolutely dedicated to providing the best service possible to its clients, this kind of relationship will be much more equal and dynamic, with each party committed to communicating and working together as separate entities to create a great final result.

Myth#3 Consider the largest contract manufacturer/OEM/ODM

A third and final myth is that your OEM or contract manufacturer should be the largest and most well known in the industry. Whereas it is true that many of the largest manufacturers have definitely earned their reputations, this does not necessarily mean that they are the best match for you.

To give a concrete example, there are many large industrial equipment manufacturers around, but those looking for Motorsports parts manufacturing will need to search for something that is more specific to their industry and their needs. It is also worth remembering that experience and technology used are the most vital in creating a great finished product, as mentioned above.

The combination of its expertise, ethos, production facilities and proven capabilities enables the Inno team to reliably supply short lead time, fast turnaround subcontract small to medium sized orders, as well as to consistently fulfill longer-term strategic supplier contract requirements in China and overseas.


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