Everything You Need To Know About How to Dab


Dabbing has become the go-to method when it comes to cannabis consumption. Dabbing uses hot surfaces to turn the concentrate to a vapor. The result is you get to have the desired effect much quicker. As you are dealing with extracts, specialized equipment is needed. This comes in the form of specialized accessories and necessities are available at Puffing Bird’s headshop. However, since many people have no idea how to dab, here is a comprehensive step guide on how to dab perfect beginner even though you are a beginner.

  • What You Need to Dab

Unlike smoking a blunt, joint or pipe, dabbing requires more than just a lighter and a rolled piece of plant material cannabis. To effectively dab there are things that you need to invest in. This includes;

  • Dab Rig

The dab rig is basically a modified water pipe. The primary purpose of this is to direct the vapor to the desired direction. The dap rig has a few extra features that make it possible to use with a dab nail and a torch.

  • Dabber

To apply the concentrate, you need an instrument that is durable and works at applying oils and various waxes to the dab nail. A dabber is available in multiple sizes and shapes to cater to different taste and preference. They are made of various materials including quartz, ceramic, titanium, and glass.  

  • Nail

The nail is used to heat the concentrate. For this reason, they need to be sturdy and durable. There are different types of dap nail available including;  

  • Titanium

Titanium is the most popular dab nail as it heats up pretty quickly. Though it gives consistent results, the main disadvantage is that the titanium can alter the flavor of the concentrate

  • Glass

For those who desire a dab nail that doesn’t interfere with taste then a glass nail is a great choice. However, because it’s made of glass, it is fragile and susceptible to breakages.

  • Quartz

If you like the glass effect but hate the fragile element, then quartz is an excellent dab nail to invest in. However even though it is more durable and can withstand higher heat levels, it cools off super-fast hence you need to work quickly while using it.

  • Ceramic

For a comfortable cleaning routine, the ceramic nails are the ideal choice. As they do not interfere with flavor, its likes by many consumers. However, as it responds slower to heat, then you have to give it time to heat up. As expected, because it’s made of ceramic it is fragile and shatters when dropped.  

  • Torch

As expected you need a heat source to heat the concentrate. Torches that are popularly used include butane and propane.  If you desire a cleaner controlled lower temperature heat source, then the butane source is ideal. However, for those who use titanium and want faster quicker results without the risk of affecting the dab nail, settle for the propane source.

  • Cannabis Extract

Even as you try and figure how to use a dab rig, you need to buy the cannabis extract. Unknown to many people, there are different cannabis varieties available for dabbing. As they all give off a different taste and have different potent levels, research on the different concentrates will help you buy one that best suits your needs.

  • THC concentrated rosin dripping on wax paperSave

For easier manipulation, aim to invest in wax paper save. Ideally, it helps in the manipulation of the concentrate and makes it easier to transport a concentrate when you are on the move.

  • Carb Cap (Optional but Recommended for Domeless Nails)

If you invest in domeless nails, then the carb cap is a feature that you cannot overlook. This is especially important for those who desire to have a bigger dab. Nonetheless, a domeless dap nail can be wasteful if not checked. As the vapor is not concentrated at a specific area, you might end up losing precious vapor in thin air. As a solution to this, a carb cap allows you to trap that vapor hence enabling you to get multiple dab hits at one go.  

  • Dabbing With E-nails

Most of the set up highlighted above are best used in the comfort of your home. Nonetheless, if you desire to have a dab while on the go, invest in an E-nail. Ideally, the E-nail is the best way to dab as it allows you to use electric nails to heat the concentrate at a preset temperature. However, even if the operation is at the tap of a button, they offer a burn risk as they can get extremely hot hence should be left to cool down after use.

  • How to Do a Dab

To know how to dab, you need first to collect the necessary equipment mentioned earlier. However, if you are a complete beginner, it’s advisable to start small and add a few grams of concentrate until you get to the desired amount. To dab you need to;

  • Heat the nail

Aim your butane or propane torch directly at the dab nail and heat it continuously until it becomes red. The heating time needed depends on the type of dab nail that you invested in. After heating let it cool down enough to ensure you do not get a throat burn for handling extremely heated vapor.

  • Prepare the dab

During the period in which you let the nail cool down, prepare the dab. By this time you should have figured out how to use a dab rig. As advised, it’s best to start with small doses working your way up.

  • The inhale

Finally, using the dapper, apply the concentrate to the nail and inhale slowly. If it seems too rush or harsh, save up this vapor by cupping it and letting some time pass before taking another hit.  


Overall, as seen above, dabbing needs some accessories and necessities to heat and manipulate the concentrate as desired. A number of these accessories can be found at Puffing Bird’s head shop. However, since there are numerous equipment made of various materials, what you choose to invest in for dab purposes is purely a personal choice. Nonetheless, the fact that you can invest in a portable safety kit that allows you to travel without worries about your medication makes dabbing a safe and intriguing medicating means.


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