5 Causes Of Low-Quality Injection Mould Products

injection mould
injection mould

When purchasing an injection mould machine, often the type, pricing, and the layout become the primary concern. However, even as you purchase a high-quality injection mould from https://www.injectionmould.net, being on the lookout for strength poverty is essential. Ideally, these come in the form of inferior and break easily. Often this is a limitation on various components of the design process. Regardless, to ensure you eliminate this and only produce high-quality products, below are some causes of low-quality injection mould process.  

  • Incomplete Injection Mould Drying Process

A rapid injection process usually causes strength deficiency. Often, this is caused by ejection from the mold without the molded material being completely dried. The effect is that some parts of the products get dried out entirely while the rest develop some gummy consistency. Unfortunately, the different drying periods leads to different tensions; which in the long run does create fault lines. For you to eliminate this, give the mold sufficient time to dry before the ejection.

  • High Temperature In The Injection Mould Machine

A high temperature is needed in the injection molding process. However, high heat in the air vents creates a rise in temperature during the cooling process that causes an inconsistent effect of heating and cooling in the injection moulding machine. As this also creates weak lines in the final products, consider adding extra air vents to allow the temperatures to drop. Also, consider adjusting and lowering the cylinder temperature manually to ensure the products are only exposed to ideal temperatures for the creation of a perfect moulding process

injection mould
injection mould
  • The Injection Mould Has High Cushion Volume

Volume is another factor that causes strength deficiency.  As expected, when in a moulding cavity, some form of cushioning is necessary to mold the material to the desired design effectively. However, excessive cushion causes undue strain and pressure on the material thinning it down more than necessary. As this produces low-quality products susceptible to breakage, consider reducing the cushion volume.

  • Restricted Injection Mould Runner

The gate often dictates the kind of quality of the product produced regardless of the types of injection moulding machine you use. As the gate is responsible for regulating the injection flow material, too much or excess running of the product can affect the design. As a result, inconsistent flow allows sheer heat generation at the runner causing a pile-up at the gate. As this restricts the amount of injection material released making it insufficient to create a perfect mold, holes are formed in the product. To ensure that this is eliminated, consider making the gate and the runner bigger while shortening the gate land.

injection mould
injection mould
  • Injection Mould Has Excessive Residence Time

Finally, a longer injection moulding process cycle than necessary can cause defects in regards to strength. Often this causes the mold to be injected with more molten material than is necessary. As expected, when the residence time is too long, the material withstands a lot of pressure making it brittle. As this is often caused by residual material, only resume mass production after purging the cylinder of any remaining product.


Overall, the causes of strength poverty can be avoided beforehand by considering the right kind of injection mould machine from www.injectionmould.org to make it easier, Research on the ideal injection mould design hence be able to custom make equipment to your specific requirements.


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