Tips for getting started with RC toys

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RC toys can be one of the most interesting hobbies if you are willing to invest a certain amount of money in it because it’s not really cheap to buy these toys and if you really get into it, chances are you won’t stop at one. There are many different kinds of toys for toddlers and adults, but the most popular ones are RC helicopters as well as RC cars and if you aim for affordable ones then check wltoys because they do offer a great variety of manufacturers as well as spare parts which is extremely important.

1.    What RC toys are the most popular?

Among the most popular RC toys, you will find RC helicopters, RC airplanes toy, RC trucks, RC boats but the most popular of all are RC cars. What makes cars be the coolest among RC toys for adults is the very fact that you can easily find them discounted not only in the period of big sales but in many online stores you can also find cheap or discounted spare parts as well.

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RC toys cars can be powerful but this also depends on where and how you are planning on using it because there are those on road RC cars that are specifically made for racing and running on the concrete among which the most popular ones are Formula 1 cars. Then again, you have those RC cars with big tires and full suspension that are used off-road on rougher, dirt-like terrain. Both of these can be used for racing but in their own categories since lighter cars are better than heavier ones when it comes to speed.

2.    RC toys: nitro or electric?

Getting the most out of the best RC car for adults can be challenging but the best thing is that you can customize it but pay close attention to choosing a car that is electric or nitro. This might seem like an obvious choice to make because Nitro is supposed to be much faster, but nowadays, electronics on RC cars have improved so much that there is no big difference in speed and you don’t need to make a lot of adjustments if you opt for electric RC car for adults.

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3.    RC toys cars with brushed or brushless motors?

Many people wonder what the differences between brushed and brushless motors in big RC toys and the answer are quite simple – one of them is with brushes and the other one isn’t but you need to know that in a brushed motor, current is delivered to the commutator by using brushes and thanks to these, the performance can be very good, but the friction can cause a worn-down of brushes so they need to be replaced often. On the other hand, RC toys cars with brushless motors you will never have a problem like this one because the motor is connected with three wires with the speed controller which makes these types of motors much more expensive but also more efficient than the brushed ones.


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