What to consider when selecting a suitable vape pen

vape pen

Smoking weed is an activity that enthusiasts enjoy to partake in. However, walking around with marijuana is not attractive; hence, the invention of vape pens. Vape pens provide a portable means of smoking weed without looking out of place or less classy. The primary benefit of vape pens is the fact that they are very versatile. This means that they can slide into the user’s pocket without any hardship and get transported anywhere. Another benefit is that with a vape pen, you do not need to have a lighter or use it. To smoke your weed using the vape pen, all you need to do is open it, and you are good to go. The vapor that comes from the vape pens are also odorless hence do not leave a clinging smell on your clothes or in your immediate surrounding. Companies like Hleef cigs have perfected the art of manufacturing vape pens. 

Factors to consider when choosing a vape pen

  • The Cost

This is one of the primary factors to consider when making any form of purchase. Concerning vape pens, the prices vary. There are some cheaper brands and others that are more costly. The determining factor concerning the price is the level of added features and sophistication that a vape pen can provide. There are those sophisticated brands that come with a timer and other features like a temperature controller. Such brands tend to be more costly than their counterparts. 

It is also wise to consider the cost of maintenance for the vape pen before making a purchase. Some 

  • Mode of consumption

Different pens are designed with varying methods of consumption. Some use flower concentrates and those that use wax concentrates (CBD concentrated). Different vaping pens are specific to the mode of consumption. This means that some are made specifically for wax concentrates and some for other types of concentrates. However, hybrid vape pens tend to be multi-functional hence can be used for different forms of concentrates provided the champers are switched. 

  • The chamber designs

The chamber is the part of the vape pen where the vapor is stored before it is inhaled. There are two chamber designs;

  1. Refillable
  2. Disposable

The disposable ones tend to be cheaper than the refillable ones as they can only be used once. 

  • Size

Vape pens are found in different sizes. The size of the vape pen determines the quantity of vapor that will be stored in the pen and also the capacity of the battery to be used. It is always a wise idea to consider a size that suits your quantity needs as well as the versatility level that you require from the pen.

  • Battery life

The vape pen battery lives differ from one to the other. Therefore, always consider one with the most extended battery life as it is more effective.


When buying a vape pen, it would benefit you to read the online reviews from other users. The product description will always give you the advantages and positive features of the pen. The reviews, however, are more transparent and offer all the positive and negative aspects. 


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