Welding Manipulators: Top Reasons Why you Should Get One


Welding manipulators (such as the sub-arc welding manipulator) are pieces of equipment that assist operators in reaching places that need welding operation. Their major function is to provide equal lift and reach abilities with that of a very skilled welder. So how exactly do these equipment work?

A welding manipulator is constructed such that every part in the equipment can fit perfectly with your MIG and flux-core welding operations. At the middle of this equipment lies a column with an attachment at the tip. This attachment is used to hold the weld head, and it can be easily adjusted to meet your preferred angle or length. The swivel casters help you to maneuver faster. However, if want to keep your welding manipulator steady throughout the welding process, all you need to do is tighten the screw in the platform.

You mustn’t confuse a welding manipulator for a welding rotator or a welding positioner. The welding manipulator simply helps you to move the weld head towards the workpiece. Welding rotators and welding positioners, on the other hand, are used to move the workpiece towards the weld head.

Why you Should Consider Using a Welding Manipulator

To a large extent, welding manipulators can help you to improve work productivity and provides greater flexibility. Using a welding manipulator also reduces the fatigue for your welders, while maintaining the consistency of your welding operations. Here are more reasons why you should consider getting a welding manipulator for your welding operations.

1. Improved Mobility During Your Operations

Welding manipulators can either be manual or mechanized. The manual welding manipulators are built with swivel casters that help them move faster. The mechanized welding manipulators, on the other hand, can be operated either manually or by a computer.

It can be challenging for welders to switch from one workstation to another and this can be time-consuming. However, with the use of welding manipulators, this does not have to be as stressful or time-consuming as it was before. Just one welder is capable of moving the welding manipulator anywhere he wants to in his shop.

2. Ensures a Safer Working Environment

The welding manipulators are built with safety straps and adjustable features that can help you either move the weld head towards or away from the workpiece. As such, you can continue with the welding operations away from the heat zone. Additionally, welding manipulators come with safety bumpers which ensure that the boom, gun, and manipulator are secured throughout the welding process.

3. Built for Durability and Strength

An added benefit of using a welding manipulator is that most of them are built to handle a lot of weight. For example, certain welding manipulators can handle close to 50 pounds of weight. As such, you do not need to be afraid that the weld head may get loose unexpectedly. Additionally, you would not need to break down your work because the manipulator can’t handle so much pressure or weight. Thus, it makes your work faster when you have a heavyweight to handle.


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