Do I Need A Cold Extrusion Hydraulic Press Machine?


It is a world of new technology and things are shifting very fast. Are you in the manufacturing industry in particular the metal and plastic industry or do you deal with the hydraulic press for sale? There are a lot of progress advancements that have been made in the manufacture of different hardware tools and the general metals forming everything on the surface of the earth. It takes a hydraulic press machine to shape and make those metals in the shape they are. Have you been wondering how to use a hydraulic machine for cold extrusion? Let us get to understand every bit of it and why it could be your best choice.

How is Cold extrusion done?

Cold extrusion is a process where a metal blank is pressed through a compressed forming process where there is a stationary die. The pressure on the metal blades against the die is applied by a punch. The tonnage is determined by the end product or the output and the materials being used. Moreover, with modern hydraulic press machines, tonnage can be controlled very effectively.

Advantages of Cold Extrusion hydraulic press machine

1. Extreme accuracy

Accuracy determines a lot in the manufacturing industry. The moment you produce inaccurate products, then you compromise the quality of your products. You do not want that, and it’s the reason you are looking for the best Hydraulic press machine. The hydraulic press machine for cold extrusion will give you the most accurate products.

2. Finely Polished Products

 A well-polished metal product looks attractive and easy to work with. Finely polished products look franker and of great quality. All these qualities mean more sales too and I believe this is your target. You will also save yourself the cost of refining yet you can achieve it on a single hydraulic press machine for cold extrusion.

3. Maximum utilization of materials

Cold extrusion ensures close to complete utilization of materials top the end product. Almost 85% of the materials are utilized. You do not need a process and a machine that will waste more of the material otherwise the production cost may be way higher than the output which means a loss. This is not what you want right? Cold extrusion is your best choice.

4. Quality products

The products produced by the cold extrusion process are of great quality. They are strong thus will serve you at the extreme tough applications. The quality of cold extrusion products will also save on your cost. This is because you will not have to replace and repair them from time to time. They are long-lasting. Quality means everyone demands, therefore you will be sure of huge sales.

5. Suitable for mass Production

If you need an extrusion process that will produce large output and a varied range of products, Cold extrusion is your best solution. There are a variety of these metal products such as rods, tubes, aluminium cans and shock absorber cylinders among other products.

Cold extrusion can be used in various metals. For example, aluminium, copper, stainless steel, medium carbon steel, bearing steel among other types of metals can be extruded through cold extrusion.


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