Solar Street Lights – an eco-friendly, economical alternative!


Solar powered lights are popularly associated with providing illumination and accent to the exterior areas of home properties such as gardens and walkways. But do you know that they are also useful for lighting up commercial and public places such as office parking lots, building car parks, bus stops and shelters, outdoor signage, streets, roads and highways and public and national parks?

What is immensely beneficial to these solar powered lights is the safety and security that it provides to the riding and walking public especially during the night hours. Solar roadway lighting efficiently keeps roads, highways, sidewalks and the parks brightly illuminated,
which in turn deters any crime and other untoward incidents from happening, to the benefit of the pedestrians.

Understanding the economical factor

 Of course, the city and local governments can benefit from the use of solar roadway lightings instead of the conventional ones when lighting up their offices, parking lots, streets and parks as running all these lighting can be very expensive and consume a good part of the government budget.

This is the reason why more and more local governments and cities from all over the world are using solar powered lights as a much inexpensive lighting alternative. While replacing the old, conventional lights with new solar lighting can be very expensive, it cannot be denied that a significant amount of money originally allocated for power is saved with the long term use of such sun powered lighting gadgets.

And as the power comes from the sun, no pollution is further created unlike if electricity from carbon and fossil fuels is used in the case of conventional lights. What is great about solar powered lights is that there is no need to worry about installation as the process is easy since wiring and cords are absent.

There are various benefits of solar street lights but the most crucial ones are mentioned below:

They are environmentally friendly

As mentioned, the lights charge during the day and then use the stored energy to light up your home and streets at night. Since no more energy is used, you conserve the environment. When you combine the use of the lights with the use of other solar-powered appliances, you end up playing a huge role in the conservation of the environment.

The lights are safe

Millions of people are electrocuted and subjected to a host of many other electric-related injuries due to the presence of cables in the electric lights. Since the solar lights don’t have cable, you don’t have to worry about you or your loved ones being injured when handling them. In fact, you can ask your children to handle them. The lack of cables also makes the units ideal for use in barbecues and cookouts. They come in many designs to choose from


When you choose to go solar there are many solar roadway lightings options that you can choose from. You can go with floodlights, security lights, lamp post lights, solar walkway lights and a host of many others. All you need to do is ensure that you buy the right units for the right roles. When making the purchase, always ensure that you buy from a reputable and well-known store. Since the units don’t have cables, you should protect them from theft.



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