Fulfillment Centers – What Is Their Importance?

Fulfillment Centers

The world of e-commerce is changing and it’s doing so at a very high speed. The way in which customers buy items online and how the items are delivered to them has also changed. As an entrepreneur who wishes to do business on a global scale, you ought to keep up with these technological advancements. This kind of flexibility means that your order fulfillment process will be fast and seamless.

Benefits Of A Fulfillment Center?

Fulfillment centers are basically warehouses run by companies that provide storage facilities for entrepreneurs who cannot afford the space to store their merchandise. Entrepreneurs who try out this kind of business model reap huge benefits which include:

  • Cost management

This is the most critical benefit. When you outsource order fulfillment services, your overall overhead expenses are minimized.

Since you dot incur any storage ad shipment costs, you are now able to price your items competitively.

  • Storage and logistics

Imagine the possibility of purchasing stock but having someone else store it for you. Running a warehouse is quite hectic and that’s where fulfillment centers come in. You don’t need to learn about how to manage inventory.

These facilities do everything for you; they take care of all the complexities so that your only worry is focusing on the bigger picture.

Fulfillment Centers
  • Shipping

Most fulfillment facilities are able to negotiate better rates with shipping companies so costs remain generally low for the entrepreneurs.

  • Leveraging core capabilities

With the right fulfillment order service provider, you can focus on what it is that you do best and ultimately you can add value to your business.

Have You Considered Having Multiple Distribution Centers?

Operating multiple distribution centers as opposed to just one central distribution center allows items to be appropriately located and, therefore, cuts down on shipping costs and shipping time. Having various places around the world acting as the “middle ground” eliminates so many storage-related nightmares.

Some benefits of having several distribution centers are:

  1. Reduced costs because it is over a shorter distance. This allows for prices to be set in such a way that they allow for lower prices for the buyer but bigger margins for the seller.
  2. Better accessibility of the store as well as the stored items
  3. Accountability. It’s easy instantly to tell when something is missing
  4. Better customer service. The staff is not overwhelmed and so they’re able to focus on the few customers and offer the highest quality of products.
Fulfillment Centers


Outsourcing storage facilities means that you not only have to worry less about the issue of storage but also about packing and shipping. This means that at the end of the day, your business will thrive since the complex processes are taken care of and you focus on other important issues.

If you have not embraced the importance of order fulfillment, you should already! There are so many benefits that you are missing out on.


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