How to maintain a 3D printer? 

3D printer

A 3D printer could be quite expensive or not, and for this, you need to take good care of it. While you would not have to bathe it and feed it daily like your pet, it will need regular maintenance for it to remain in the best possible condition. You can read up on some simple maintenance tips to follow to keep your 3D printer looking as good as new. 

Keep it Lubricated 

A 3D printer is a machine with moving parts that need to be oiled regularly. You would need to do this so as not to encounter any stoppages during the printing process. The components of the machine that requires lubrication are the rails and rods, and you do not need to use motor oil on it. The regular sewing machine oil could do just fine. You can also use any other type of lubricant, provided it is safe to use on plastic, and you don’t apply too much. 

 Clean the Nozzle Regularly 

It would be best if you also cleaned out your nozzle regularly. And to do this, you will need the right cleaning tools to get the job done. It is typical for the nose of the extruder to get clogged by the filament. There are different sizes of nozzles, and you will require a needle brush to get into the tiniest ones. You can see how to clean your 3D printer nozzle in this video. 

3D printer

Change the Build Surface Regularly 

The build surface gets worn out after a few rounds of printing, so it would need to be replaced often. If you use a Kapton-tape, some replacements are easy to fix and is as simple as peeling off the old one and replacing it with the new tape.  

Update your printer firmware 

You will also need to replace your 3D printer firmware to keep your device updated to the latest standards. You can do this by downloading the newest software version from your manufacturer. You should avoid updating from third party sites as well as other black-market retailers. The updates are essential as they ensure you print the best quality products every time you use the machine. 

Change worn-out parts regularly 

The printer comprises of different parts that will need replacement after a while. Some of these parts include the nozzle, build surface, and bolts, and screws. You can find replacement parts available at your manufacturers’ website, and it doesn’t matter if you need a new laser engraver module or motherboard, you can always find one for you. 

Keep your device clean always

This is perhaps the most crucial step you need to take to maintain your 3D printer. It is best to clean the machine once printing is done to reduce the build-up of clogs in places like the nozzle. In addition to using a lubricant on moving parts, you will need a cleaning agent to rid of stains and debris from the frame and surface of your device. 

There you have it, six easy ways to keep your printer in the best condition.


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