Importance of Low Volume CNC Manufacturing


Low volume CNC manufacturing is also known as bridge manufacturing. It is the production of quality parts in limited volumes of up to 100000 pieces or less, depending on the process, materials, and tools used. Also, Low volume CNC machining is a production method that uses the computer numerical control system to control machining tools automatically. How it operates is similar to milling, drilling, and reaming processes. Various industries, such as automotive and aviation, have leveraged low volume production due to its many benefits. In this write-up, we look at the advantages of low volume CNC manufacturing.

Advantages of Low Volume CNC Manufacturing

1. Saves Money

Buying items in bulk doesn’t always save money. In the manufacturing sector, the material used to make an object dictates its cost per unit. Some materials are expensive to buy and utilize; thus, a company needs to invest considerable investment in sustaining mass production. Therefore, to avoid this, low volume production is a better option. Some product designs change fast in the market, so industries avoid spending money developing items in masses that might become obsolete inventory.

2. Faster Marketing Time

Parts are usually produced with high speed and precision, limiting the chances of errors. This allows you to reach the market first with a unique product and of good quality. Unlike traditional manufacturing methods, items hit the shelves faster, within days, weeks, or a few months. With the high competition, securing a place in the market first creates an opportunity to form a good customer base and capitalize on their trends.

3. Product Design Flexibility

A company can modify a product’s design in terms of size, length, weight, color, etc., without significantly affecting the entire order. In case of an error, it can perfect it before realizing it to the market. Multiple products can be made available for purchase, which helps in knowing the popular features and refine them the next time. It is suitable for manufacturers targeting a particular niche in the market. Consumer feedback contributes to design variations, which is difficult to achieve during mass production.

4. Saves Time

Low volume manufacturing shortens production time. You don’t have to spend hours manufacturing a product; thus, it helps you direct your energy on other essential things. Productivity is increased as the workers can operate multiple machines simultaneously since they are automated, unlike the traditional manual machines that were manual and would need many people to run them. With the advanced CNC technology, companies/industries can have little human intervention on machines or none.

5. Bridge of Production

Between prototyping and full production phases, a company can use bridge manufacturing before they decide to produce parts in masses. It allows them to develop new ideas to better their products and improve the quality and reach the market faster.

Bottom Line

Low volume CNC manufacturing reduces risks that industries would encounter in producing items in large volumes. Any company can freely apply the style as it creates benefits for all, without considering how long it has been in existence.


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