Stay Up to date about your e-bike batteries


If you are into cycling, you would definitely be interested in staying up to date about bikes, and that also includes electric bikes in today’s technology-driven world. The most important thing that differentiates electric bikes is the batteries that give power to the bike.

Electric bikes are no hassle as such because even if you forget to charge them, you can still go ahead pedal and get the bike going. The only issue you would face is the bike is going to be heavy and you will miss the main purpose of an electric bike, which is the fun.

Let’s find out what electric Bike batteries are made of?

There are different types of electric bike batteries available in the market. But lithium batteries have captured the market as they are more convenient than the traditional lead-acid batteries. From 24v electric bike battery to 48v lithium ion battery there is a various range, you can buy as per the power you need. The market has become so advance that you can also get customized bike batteries. Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) or Lithium Polymer (LiPo) are popular across the world today.

Batteries are made up of many cells, the lithium battery is made up of the same technology as used in mobile phones, while the lead-acid batteries are of the same technology used for the ones used in cars. The chemical components are definitely different in both the technology, but apart from that one major difference between lead-acid batteries and lithium battery is the size. Lithium batteries are smaller in size and have bigger lifespan than lead-acid batteries.

How long will the batteries last?

The life of the battery depends on the power of the battery. Depending on the various range of powers available, typically from 24V, 36V, 52V, to 48V lithium ion battery, the power of the bike, the battery management system of the bike and of course the way you ride your bike will decide the speed and life of your battery.

Ideally, on a single charge of the battery, your bike should allow you to ride between 25 and 75 miles. The mantra to get more from your 48V lithium-ion battery is – manage the battery life. For example, if you are riding in full power the battery will definitely exhaust quickly.

The batteries will have a lifespan and then you will have to replace them, do check with your retailer about the recycling and disposal so that you know what to do when it’s time to replace the electric bike battery. 

Where the batteries are placed on an electric bike?

Depending on different factors the battery is placed on an electric bike and the major contributing factor is of the shape of the electric bikes’ frame. Generally speaking, batteries are placed on the carrier rack of a city bike and on a mountain bike you can find the battery on the down tube.

What is the cost of an electric bike battery?

To be honest, batteries are their life of an electric bike. You will have no fun of riding an electric bike without the power the batteries bring in those bikes. And that’s the reason battery is an expensive part of the electric bike. Lithium batteries vary in power and the cost would also differ depending on the power of the battery. You can compare price online and buy on the best price that suits your pocket.

One cannot deny the fact that fast and advanced technology is ruling the world, so get your electric bikes checked to know that you are not using an outdated battery.



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