The Main Types Of Milling Services In CNC Machining


CNC milling is the process of using computer-controlled cutting machines to work on a piece. It is used for a wide range of manufacturing processes. CNC milling services come in a wide range of forms. This write-up covers the basic types of milling services used in CNC machining.

Sorts of CNC milling tasks

CNC milling is an exceptionally adaptable type of manufacturing operation. This implies that it comprises a broad scope of milling services, referred to by some people as CNC milling operations. Below are a few of the principal sorts of CNC milling services.

1. Face milling

Face milling is one of the most commonly applied forms of CNC milling services on the market. This is a kind of CNC milling operation where face milling cutters are used. Face milling cutters generally have teeth on the periphery and the face. The periphery teeth are used for cutting the workpiece, while the periphery teeth are used for finishing applications.

Accordingly, face milling permits you to complete the parts (from production to finishing). It likewise delivers more excellent completions compared to other milling operations.

2. Plain of piece milling

This sort of milling operation includes the utilization of plain milling cutters. These milling cutters have their teeth only on the periphery. Regardless of the single placement of the milling cutters, the process produces incredible results. However, this depends on the depth of the product’s cut and the workpiece proportions. Note that basic milling services are not as popular as their counterparts.

3. Angular milling

This service includes utilizing single-point or single-angle milling cutters. The angle of these cutters is normally decided by the workpiece design. These forms of CNC milling services can be applied for making furrows and chamfers.

4. Form milling

Form milling, sometimes known as structure milling administration, typically includes sporadic surfaces and contours. In less complex terms, it is utilized for absolutely bent surfaces. The products of form CNC milling services are usually high quality and precise.

5. Gang milling

As the name suggests, gang milling involves more than one cutter. Normally, these milling services use two or more cutters. The cutters work simultaneously to create intricate product designs in the shortest amount of time. It is, therefore, one of the most popular milling services on the market. Note that gang CNC milling is also quite expensive.

6. Straddle milling

Straddle CNC milling service involves double cutters. The cutters are positioned on a single-machine arbor. They are usually found on each side of the workpiece. This helps make the production process faster. It also helps achieve intricate product designs.

7. Profile milling

This kind of milling includes the utilization of profile milling hardware. The cutting devices on this hardware can either be equal or opposite to the work surface. The work surface is the part where the workpiece is set. Profile milling services are great for fast manufacturing.


Note that the form of CNC milling service affects the quality of the final product. However, each of the CNC milling services offers a wide range of benefits and shortcomings. These are elements you must consider when choosing the best CNC milling service.


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